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What to do about my shoulder pain

“I am so very happy, I have started coming here [Essential Energy]. I was at my last straw as to what to do about my shoulder pain. It was greatly limiting my ability to do the things I wanted to. Now, I can put my coat on by myself and not even think about my shoulder. And in addition to

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My husband and I are expecting a baby!

“Hi Joe, I just wanted to drop you a line thanking you for the treatments you gave me. Obviously the acupuncture and moxa contributed to the fact that my husband and I are expecting a baby! . . . You are a blessing to your clients . . .” — M.F.

It feels great

“Just wanted to let you know what I have been experiencing since my treatment. I am much more alert and able to focus on things, I don’t feel so scattered mentally. Also, I have a lot of energy, it feels great. Just a few minutes ago while I was driving I actually had the thought, ‘I feel great’. I have

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Acupuncture with Joseph

“This [acupuncture with Joseph] is the most important thing I spend my money on.” — B.P.

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