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cups300x225I am trained in Classical Chinese medicine and provide drug-free choices in healing and health maintenance.

Services offered are:

Acupuncture (insertion of extremely thin, sterilized needles at specific points on the body)
E-Stim (electrical micro current used with or without needles)
Needleless Techniques

  • Moxibustion (heat therapy using Mugwort herb)
  • Cold Laser Therapy (light therapy)
  • ¬†Acupressure (the use of pressure at acupuncture points)
  • Zero Balancing (gentle traction, engaging structure and energy)
  • Vibrational Harmonics (done with tuning forks)
  • Cupping (the use of suction to release blocked energy)
  • Qi gong (breathing and muscular/tendon exercises)
  • Lifestyle counseling

Joseph utilizes his classical training to assess your present condition of health and construct a unique treatment based upon your particular needs in the moment. He seeks to use the fewest acupuncture points, or needles, necessary to rebalance your energies and assist the body in healing itself. Quite often people remain fully clothed, and often sleep during a treatment.

Free Consultations are available.
Privacy Health Information (PHI)

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